BREAKING: Twitter Has Banned James O’Keefe And Project Veritas After They Exposed Social Media’s War Against Conservatives

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Big tech social media’s war against Conservatives continues today as Twitter has blocked the accounts for James O’Keefe and his company, Project Veritas.

The ban comes one day after O’Keefe posted a new report about Facebook’s VP asserting that the company freezes “hate speech” comments.

Below is the reasoning Twitter gave James O’Keefe for the ban: “publishing private information”

Here’s the video that I believe Twitter is using to justify their block:

I’m guessing they are referring to his house number and house in the video? But they don’t disclose his street, city, or even state.

James O’Keefe said this on Telegram: “Twitter has locked our accounts for reporting on Facebook.Asking people questions using a microphone and camera. 2+2=5, just like Orwell said.”

You know Twitter has been looking for an excuse to block James O’Keefe for a long time. This is very weak justification if you ask me.

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