Bombshell: New Evidence Of Election Fraud In NH As Dominion Machines Found To Have Taken 300 Votes Off EVERY Republican Candidate

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Results from a hand recount in New Hampshire appear to show more evidence that voting machines may have been used to skew votes towards Democrats.

It has been long suspected and claimed that Dominion voting machines were used to rig elections. The suspicion was further heightened after a revelation that a Dominion engineer had stated that he “made f**king sure” Trump wouldn’t win.

Of course, if this were the case, you would see evidence by conducting hand counts of the paper ballots then comparing those to the counts on the machines. If the machines were rigged you would see a discrepancy between the counts.

That discrepancy has been discovered in NH.

A recent hand recount in the Rockingham District 7 NH House Race in Windham, New Hampshire, found that the Dominion-owned voting machines shorted EVERY REPUBLICAN by roughly 300 votes.

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The Dominion machine counted results were wrong for all 4 Republicans by almost exactly 300 votes.

Granite Grok reported:

The Town of Windham used Dominion machines to count paper ballots and upon a believable hand recount, it was confirmed each Republican was machine-cheated out of roughly 300 votes.

You would think this would have been solved by the Dominion machine company, the Secretary of State, the Elections Unit of the AG’s Office, or the laughable Ballot Law Commission. (Kathy Sullivan, d (Term expires July 1, 2024)


Just like every other state that used machines that alter ballot counts in favor of one political party over another – here we are.

Dominion Voting Systems owns the intellectual property of the AccuVote machines used in New Hampshire. reported:

In New Hampshire, he noted, the AccuVote optical scanners used in all communities that have voting machines are an “older technology” and each moderator uses the device’s results tape, at the end of the night, to reveal the results, on a paper “Return of Votes” form. AccuVote devices have been used for more than a quarter of a century in the state and are the only devices approved by the Ballot Law Commission.

“The device was originally manufactured by Unisys, then by Global Elections Systems Inc., which are no longer in business,” Yen said. “The device used in New Hampshire is no longer being manufactured. Dominion (Voting Systems) owns the intellectual property of the AccuVote and its related election management system but does not manufacture the device.”

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