WATCH: NYT Author Tom Friedman Argues Communist China Is Way Better Than The US Because They Don’t Have People Like Marjorie Taylor Greene

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The Progressive Left has lost it. Their disdain for America and ordinary Americans is has reached stratospheric levels.

Need proof?

CNN’s Fredo Cuomo had on left-wing nut Tom Friedman last night, who literally argued that Communist China is a better and more serious country than the US because they don’t have to worry about people like Marjorie Taylor Greene and “QAnon shaman”:

This guy is a complete clown. He literally plays down how the Chinese government is oppressing a million Uighurs while lauding the commies for not having to worry about conspiracy theorists becoming politicians. Seriously, how can he be this dumb?

There’s one big reason why China doesn’t let just anyone become a politician in their Communist regime and it’s called “Tiananmen Square.” The oppress and kill people who disagree with them! Which is exactly what they are doing to the Uighurs.

But China has bullet trains!

Talk about an unserious person. And this guy writes for the New York Times.

And at the very end of the clip Cuomo says “I can add nothing.” What LOL!? If any Republican had suggested something this absurd Cuomo would have been all over them. This is just part of why he’s a joke of a host at CNN.

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