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WATCH: Joe And Jill Use Superbowl Jumbotron To Demand People Follow His Covid Guidelines And Vaccinate

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In a scene that looked straight out of Orwell’s 1984, and following the announcement of a similarly Orwellian “Reality Czar”, the Bidens made sure to take over the jumbotron at this Sunday’s Super Bowl to demand that Americans follow his rules by socially distancing, wearing masks and getting vaccinated.

While those allowed to be in attendance wanted to watch some football and drink some beer, Big Brother Joe Biden’s mumbling voice of doom boomed out around the stadium prior to the Kansas City Chiefs v. Tampa Bay Buccaneers game.

“Let’s remember, we all can do our part to save lives,” Biden warned, adding “Wear masks. Stay socially distance. Get tested.”


The pair also called for a ‘moment of silence’, which the crowd did not seem to respect, with some even booing.

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