WATCH: Disturbing Video Shows Trans Parent Grooming Their Child To Be Transgender

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In an extremely unsettling video posted to social media, a trans parent (a man who dresses like a woman) is seen, in what can only be called child abuse, coaxing and encouraging a small child to adopt a transgender lifestyle.

This will turn your stomach. There is no one who will not feel at least unease watching this, left, right or other. Because our human rejection of this disgusting mistreatment of children is instinctive, immediate, and correct.

It’s hard to contain in words the revulsion this video prompts, but there is some communication of it by the preponderance of the reactions. Which is why we’re going to show some tweet reactions even though, in general, we’re trying not to give Twitter too much play.

I warn you, in all sincerity, this is a disturbing video.

The kids hesitant but approval-seeking acceptance of the brainwashing by the (also brainwashed) “mother” is heart wrenching.

The person who shared it also makes a great point about stereotypes. The rationale here is that liking “boy things” makes you a boy and liking “girl things” makes you a girl. And moreover, the stereotype of girls is “quiet” and of boys is “tackling everybody.”

Are we not supposed to be leaving such things behind? Isn’t that the goal of feminism? The left’s mixed messages are coming into direct conflict more and more.

But anyhow, these here folks have the right response (via Twitchy and Twitter search.)

It is so scary how many bad things are happening in America at the same time. It’s almost overwhelming.

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