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Twitter Bans Gateway Pundit’s Account After They Reveal Evidence Of Voter Fraud

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Last week we reported on a video released by The Gateway Pundit which appears to show evidence of fraud in Michigan during the 2020 Presidential election. But now that evidence is being censored and scrubbed from the Internet.

Almost every day on Twitter the truth is censored by the anti-free speech regime on Twitter.

The Gateway Pundit recently released new videos outside of the TCF Center in Detriot where voting fraud occurred.

Jim Hoft wasn’t finished though!

After releasing the new videos he announced he had even more video evidence but quickly after his announcement the censorship police from Twitter suspended his account.

The Hill added these details on the Gateway Pundit’s Twitter suspension:

Twitter on Saturday issued a permanent suspension for the account run by Jim Hoft, founder and editor-in-chief of far-right news website Gateway Pundit, for violations of its “civic integrity policy.”

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the news to The Hill, citing “repeated violations” of its policy that bars users from tweeting messages “for the purpose of manipulating or interfering in elections or other civic processes,” including misinformation regarding the outcome of an election.

The policy includes a series of punishments depending on the frequency of violations, with five or more strikes resulting in a permanent suspension.

The Gateway Pundit shared the timeline of events before the indefinite suspension:

Earlier today we tweeted out an update on our ongoing investigation of the Detroit TCF Center on November 4, 2020.

On Friday The Gateway Pundit released exclusive video from the TCF Center showing late-night deliveries of tens of thousands of votes to the TCF Center HOURS AFTER the deadline to turn in absentee ballots. The absentee ballots were counted before election day. The only absentee ballots they had left to count came in from the Zuckerberg boxes that were checked hourly.

In our Saturday tweet we announced that we have more video coming from the TCF Center the November 4th.

The tweet this morning had 2.2 thousand tweets and over 7,200 likes.

Twitter suspended The Gateway Pundit account on Saturday afternoon.

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