Mike Lindell Is Shaking In His Boots: Parkland Idiot, David Hogg, Says He’s Starting A Pillow Company To Compete With MyPillow

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Mike Lindell is shaking in his boots with the latest major announcement.

Parkland school shooting survivor and activist idiot David Hogg announced on Twitter Wednesday that he is teaming up with software developer William LeGate to create a pillow company to rival Trump-supporting Mike Lindell and his “MyPillow” brand.

The “March for Our Lives” founder said that his pillow would be “union made,” and be focused on spending its resources to fund progressive causes.

Hogg came back to the social media platform Thursday to say that there was not yet a name for the progressive pillow company, but one was coming.

Lindell responded to the news with relative indifference, saying Thursday, “Good for them. Nothing wrong with competition that does not infringe on someone’s patent.”

Hogg said that he plans on selling $1 million worth of merchandise in the first year.

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