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Biden Caught LYING To Diplomats About Him Once Being Shot At Overseas — Veterans Outed Him For Making Same Claim Before

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Lyin’ Joe just can’t help himself, or maybe he’s just having a little Alzheimer moment.

President Biden has revived an old claim that previously got him in hot water, telling state department employees Thursday that he was “shot at” overseas.

Remarking on the courage of the diplomatic aides he was speaking to, Biden commented, “I’ve been with some of you when we’ve been shot at.”

The claim was similar to one he made during a CNN Democratic primary debate in 2007 when he said he had been “shot at” in the fortified Green Zone in Baghdad, Iraq. Pressure at the time from veterans caused Biden to walk back his claim, changing his recollection to having been “near where a shot landed.”

Biden, who has an established reputation of gaffes and exaggerations, is facing renewed scrutiny for his state department remarks.

“Veterans don’t like it when people mischaracterize their service, people who overstate what happens to them,” said the former legislative director for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Patrick Campbell. “We have names for them.”

Biden has seen similar criticisms, after plagiarism accusations derailed his1988 presidential campaign and he was mockedfora2008 claim to be a “hard coal miner.”

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