NewsMax Host Begs For Forgiveness After On-Air Outburst, Attempting To Silence Mike Lindell For Speaking About Stolen Election

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Newsmax fans feared the Conservative outlet may have committed suicide yesterday when anchor Bob Sellers attempted to cancel the very gracious My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell during an interview with him ironically, about being canceled.

Dominion voting systems has been accused by multiple sources of having played a major role in the widely alleged fraudulent 2020 election.

Mike Lindell, the successful inventor of My Pillow, spent millions of dollars of his own money to investigate this and claims to have a lot of evidence as a result of his efforts.  He also claims he will release his evidence this Friday, according to the video interview.

Yet, Mr. Lindell has been censored by nearly every media outlet, most of whom refuse to have him on their shows or even discuss the possibility of fraud in the 2020 election.

The list of these spineless and backstabbing media now includes Newsmax, whose resolve many have been questioning for several months now, but who confirmed their turn to the dark side this evening:

In the interview with Lindell this evening, NewsMax committed suicide.  Rather than have an open discussion about opinions and evidence, Newsmax silenced their guest, tried to corral him into a different topic, and walked off the set.

Newsmax’s America Agenda host Bob Sellers took a decidedly different tone today when instead of arrogantly walking off the set, he instead, was seen groveling for forgiveness from his Newsmax viewers, many of whom have left Fox News after feeling betrayed by the network for unfounded attacks and criticism aimed at President Trump.

“Mike is a friend of this show,” he said, adding, “In hindsight, there is no question I could’ve handled the end of the interview differently.” Sellers told his audience, “I can tell you he will continue to be a regular guest on Newsmax.”

Sellers showed a clip of Mike Lindell talking to Newsmax host Rob Schmitt last night after Sellers’ humiliating interview, where Mike explained that Twitter has suspended his My Pillow account from the anything but free speech network. He told the Newsmax host that the stores who’ve stopped carrying My Pillow haven’t hurt his business at all, in fact, his business is booming and he’s struggling to find enough employees to help fulfill all of the orders.

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