AOC Got Caught In A Lie, Now She’s Trying To Get Twitter To Ban Everyone That Outed Her

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AOC is throwing a fit that she got caught in a lie, so she’s turning to her allies in big tech to remove everyone who outed her.

In the weeks since the unrest at the Capitol on January 6th, the media narrative has been in overdrive. From calling the “Viking guy” the leader of an insurrection to calls to root out the “white nationalists” who tried to overthrow the government, the whole narrative has been ridiculous.

At the head of the pack was Sandy Cortez, also known as AOC. Never one to let a good crisis go to waste, she quickly took to telling her “harrowing” story of being hidden under her desk while the bloodthirsty mob bangs on the door of her office to drag her to the guillotine. She spread this story in writing and in videos on any social media platform that she could. She even went so far as calling out Ted Cruz for supporting people to Murder Her! (Oh the humanity! This is something right out of a horror film!)

Well, as widely reported on Wednesday, it turns out her story was complete and total garbage. All of the facts are telling us that AOC was in a separate building during the most intense moments of the “siege”, either at her office or Katie Porter’s office. No matter which building she was in, she was far, far away from anyone remotely resembling a protestor. Sandy Cortez was at least a block or so away with not a protestor in sight, no bloodthirsty mob, no clear and present danger.

With her lies exposed and even a map confirming her story is complete and total BS, one would think Sandy would take the L and slink away keeping a low profile for the next few days. Certainly she would be afraid of her social media getting nuked over her complete and total BS. Well in a sane world that’s what would happen but sadly 2021 isn’t a sane world…

As reported by Jack Posobiec from OAN News:

Sadly, when a Democrat like AOC gets exposed on Social Media for lying, you don’t slink away, you don’t become terrified of getting the dreaded “Fake News Tag”….turns out you encourage your followers to reach out to the Big Tech companies you should be afraid of.

Not only that, but you encourage your followers to report Conservatives to Big Tech for calling you out?!?

I’m sure later today Big Tech will respond and start coming to the defense of their precious Sandy Cortez. Watch out as Conservatives will get suspended or “fake news” tagged.

We truly live in bizarre times.

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