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Lives Put In Serious Danger As Minneapolis City Council RUSHES To Abolish Police

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America is a nation of laws. Laws set boundaries, protect our rights, and establish order. Laws ensure that every citizen in America is afforded the opportunity to seek life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Laws keep tyranny at bay.

Police enforce laws, hold citizens accountable, and protect the vulnerable from the wicked. When a dangerous criminal robs a bank we call the police for help. When a car wreck occurs and people are injured, the police rush to aid the victims. Abusers are swiftly removed from homes when police are notified.

It seems logical that a sharp increase in violent crime is not a coincidence when an entire community vilifies and aggressively dismantles the system of law and order. One would assume that such a city would pause and reflect, “Hey, getting rid of the police isn’t working and clearly isn’t the answer to our supposed problems BLM tells us we have.”

If you agreed, then you’re dead wrong. Despite a drastic uptick in violent crime the Minneapolis City Council is marching head-first into the swift dismantling of the entire Minneapolis Police Department.

Members of the Minneapolis City Council are seeking to get a proposal to abolish the city’s police department on the ballot in November.

If successful, voters could decide the fate of public safety by voting for or against a question that would disband the Minneapolis Police Department in favor of a public safety office that would employ police officers in a nontraditional capacity.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported City Council members Phillipe Cunningham, Steve Fletcher and Jeremy Schroeder offered a plan to disband the department in favor of a new Department of Public Safety.

When pressed for details it was unclear what the new Department would entail or how it would operate. Council members could not explain how the new department would solve their current issues.

Why? Because there is no plan. The Department of Public Safety is still just a loosely formed idea with no concrete goal, definition, or mode of execution. In all seriousness, it’s little more than a pipe dream.


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