BREAKING: Journalist Andy Ngo Forced To Flee Country After Police Fail To Act On Multiple Credible Death Threats By Antifa

Independent Conservative journalist Andy Ngo has fled the United States after multiple credible death threats by the terrorist organization Antifa. The threats were reported to law enforcement but, according to Ngo, they did “nothing” about his calls for help.

The media wants you to believe that all the division and turmoil that has caused a rift through America is due to the Republicans and their followers. I mean, according to the news, it was the right who stormed the Capitol. It doesn’t matter that BLM and Antifa were also arrested. The only thing that matters is the narrative. What do the Democrats want to achieve while they control all of Washington? But as you are about to see, it is the left, not the right that poses a significant risk to our society.

In an interview with Skye News Ngo revealed that he’s fleeing to London out of “fear for his life.” “For a number of months now, there’s just been increasing threats of violence against me, promises by Antifa extremists to …. kill me,” Ngo said. He continued, “And all of those threats were reported to authorities, and even when I provided names of some of the suspects, nothing was done.”

Ngo gained media attention in 2019 when a group of Antifa members gained up on him while he was reporting on a riot and attacked him. The video circulated several new sites, making Ngo a target for the liberal left.

Since then, Ngo has received several threats to the point of him deciding to leave the country for his own safety.

Of course, the Left has continuously denied that Antifa is a violent group or that they even exist at all.

An independent journalist who goes by “Fleccas,” asked Rep. Jerry Nadler about the violence taking over major cities in Oregon. Nadler shrugged off his question, telling him, “That’s a myth!”

During the presidential debates, Joe Biden called the extremely violent terror group, Antifa, “An idea.”

Well, Joe Biden’s “idea” just caused Andy Ngo, one of America’s bravest and most important journalists to flee the country after multiple and death threats from his “idea.”

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