Biden Admin. ‘Closely Monitoring’ — Upset That Middle-Class Americans Figured Out How To Win The Stock Market Game

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Joe Biden and his Socialist cronies would like nothing more than for every American to STOP thinking for themselves and just do as they’re told. CNN and MSNBC have perfectly portioned spoon feedings of lies and twisted truths, all engineered to bend the will of the American people to comply with the Far-Left.

One of the most survivable viruses has been spun into a ‘world pandemic’. This provided politicians the perfect scenario to shut-down the economy and attempt a massive reset of the nation…a reset which Democrats are fighting tooth-and-nail to manipulate. Why? Because if you become dependent on the Government, then they can completely control you.

That’s why when Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced the Biden administration, including Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, are “monitoring” the situation in the stock market, red flags immediately went up!

The Wednesday announcement followed the last several sessions of massive short squeezes in numerous stocks, including Gamestop, AMC Entertainment Holdings, BlackBerry Limited, among others.

Psaki reminded everyone that “the stock market isn’t the only measure of the health of our economy.” ​


If it isn’t obvious, the language and tone of Psaki strongly suggest that Biden is in a panic. Americans are supposed to believe the media when they say the economy is “failing”. That Americans “must” rely on government assistance and intervention to survive, when the fact is Donald Trump had provided the right environment for Americans to push through the global nonsense and continue to prosper.

The question that should be asked is, “Why is Biden worried about stocks doing well?” He isn’t worried about stocks doing well, he’s worried that the little-guy, you and me, the lower and middle class, have finally cracked the Wall Street secret to driving wealth through the market. This means more Americans can clearly see how much power we have over the market, much more than just purchasing power.

With power comes wealth and influence. If Americans are healthy, wealthy, and wise, well then that puts much of the government out of business.

Be vigilant, soon the monitoring will turn into a full-scale attack against the average American from being able to provide for their family unless deputy Chinese President Biden approves of it.

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