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A Democrat Was Exposed Committing Same Election Fraud Scheme That Trump Supporter Was Just Arrested For — No Action Is Being Taken Against Her

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News broke yesterday that the Feds arrested and indicted a Trump supporter for using the social media platform Twitter to ‘spread election disinformation’ to Hillary Clinton voters in 2016.

31-year-old Douglass Mackey, who went by “Ricky Vaughn”, was arrested in West Palm Beach on one charge of conspiracy against rights and faces up to 10 years in prison.

He was charged due to memes he posted to Twitter trolling Hillary supporters to stay home and text their votes in.

But, guess what.. Democrats were just caught doing the exact same thing. And she’s still walking around, scot-free. Could it be that the new Administration has a double standard for “voter fraud”?

Far-left activist and “comedian” Kristina Wong posted the same fake voting meme on Twitter in 2016 — but she targeted TRUMP SUPPORTERS!

Not only was she busted, but Twitter STILL has her Tweets on their platform.

So will the Eastern District of New York be dropping by Kristina’s house tomorrow?

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