BREAKING: Democrats Introduce Legislation To Make DC The 51st State (And Give Dems Full Control Of Senate)

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Well, we all knew it was coming.

Democrats have been salivating over the idea of making Washington DC a state for years. Why? Because they know Washington DC is a cesspool of radical Democrats and thus want to increase their majority with two more Senators and who knows how many Congressmen.

And today, Democrats have just introduced legislation in the Senate to make Washington DC the 51st state:

What worries me about this, however, is that there is already talk of using Reconciliation, the budget maneuver used to force Obamacare down our throats, to pass the next big COVID relief package. Democrats can’t get past the filibuster, so they want to use Reconciliation as much as possible to pass big items on their agenda. It requires only a simple majority.

I’m not an expert on Reconciliation, but I suspect Democrats will want to include this new statehood bill with the COVID relief package when using Reconciliation, under the auspices that this statehood bill deals with ‘taxation’. That’s what they claimed about Obamacare and I suspect they’ll do the same this time around.

Which makes this bill a real threat and I’m not sure we can depend on the likes of Manchin and Sinema to vote against such a measure. If Democrats are able to pass this bill in the House and Senate, Hunter’s father will no doubt sign the bill with a big smile on his face and Democrats will increase their majority.

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