YouTube Drastically MANIPULATES Data To Scrub THOUSANDS Of Dislikes From Biden Videos

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YouTube has deleted thousands of dislikes on videos that were uploaded to the official White House YouTube channel by the Biden administration during its first day in office.

On some videos, YouTube’s purging of dislikes resulted in the dislike to like ratio temporarily dropping from 6.7 to 1.3 – a change that drastically alters the public perception of a video. When there are 6.7 dislikes for every like, a video seems wildly unpopular but when there are 1.3 dislikes for every like, it seems like the video is getting a mixed response from viewers.

All of the videos that were uploaded to The White House YouTube channel on January 20 had some dislikes removed and tens of thousands of total dislikes were scrubbed from these videos.

Here’s a breakdown of all the dislike removals with the larges amount of deleted dislikes at the top of the list:

“President Biden Signs Executive Orders and Other Presidential Actions” video

  • At 90,938 views: 12,000 dislikes, 1,800 likes, 6.7 dislike to like ratio
  • At 98,298 views: 2,500 dislikes, 2,000 likes, 1.3 dislike to like ratio
  • Change: -9,500 dislikes, +200 likes, -5.4 dislike to like ratio

“01/20/21: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki” video

  • At 84,000 views: 10,000 dislikes, 1,800 likes, 5.6 dislike to like ratio
  • At 107,000 views: 3,100 dislikes, 2,500 likes, 1.2 dislike to like ratio
  • Change: -6,900 dislikes, +700 likes, -4.4 dislike to like ratio


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