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Biden Urges ‘Unity’ And ‘Healing’ But All His Supporters Urge Division And Hate

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Left-wing Hollywood stars are jeering at President Donald Trump and his more than 74 million supporters as the commander in chief enters the final hours of his term, saying “we have all dreamed and prayed for this day.” Elites including Michael Moore, Billy Eichner, Chelsea Handler, Bette Midler, and Jeffrey Wright posted jubilant and in some cases hate-filled messages mocking the outgoing president.

“Fuck Trump, fuck his whole family, fuck anyone that chose to work with him and fuck every single Trump voter,” comedian and Elizabeth Warren stan Billy Eichner tweeted.

“The last inauguration I refused to watch. This one I’m excited for,” Rosanna Arquette enthused.

“We are now entering the final 24 hrs of this madness. We have all dreamed and prayed and worked for this day,” Michael Moore wrote.

President Donald Trump will officially conclude his term on Wednesday as Joe Biden takes the oath of office. The president has stated that he won’t be in attendance at Biden’s swearing-in ceremony, though Vice President Mike Pence has said he will be present.

Though Joe Biden has urged “unity” and “healing” in recent weeks, his inauguration festivities have so far pointed to more division. The official celebrations have featured starring roles for actress Debra Messing — who has promoted physical violence against President Trump — and a musical ensemble called the Resistance Revival Chorus, which has smeared conservatives as “fascists.”

Adding to the spirit of rancor, Hollywood celebrities are now trashing President Trump and his supporters as he prepares to exit the White House.


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