WATCH: Apple CEO Tim Cook Accidentally Reveals Collusion Between Big Tech Companies To Censor Free Speech

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Apple’s CEO Tim Cook took his mask all the way off this weekend when he was talking about removing Parler from the app store from existence through a coordinated monopolistic collusion with other tech giants over supposed incitement concerns. He also gave away the overall game.

He said they don’t “consider” the parts of Parler they don’t like to be “free speech.” And then, without realizing it, revealed the reason for, and method of, collusion between the tech giants.

It was the “incitement” talk that foreshadowed Cook’s Sunday commentary. See, as we’ve been saying in our ongoing tracking of the Big Tech Purge, “incitement” is a fluid term that they can apply to anything. All they have to do is tell each other and CNN that something makes Trump supporters or conservatives angry. That’s it. If you don’t like something, and someone talks about that thing you don’t like in a negative way, then they are inciting you.

That only applies to the right of course. If for example a leftwinger doesn’t like Ted Cruz, and a leftwing politician says “Ted Cruz wants your family to die,” that’s not considered incitement. On the other hand, if someone on the right doesn’t like pineapple on pizza, and a rightwing politician says “Pineapple on Pizza is gross,” that’s incitement and they must be banished from the culture.

Well that same fluidity is now how they view Free Speech, as Tim Cook said in an interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace – which is a fitting place since Wallace is the network’s play to stay in Apple’s good graces and not get cancelled themselves.

“We looked at the incitement to violence that was on there, and we, we don’t consider that free speech and incitement to violence has an, has an intersection,” said Cook. See? Incitement.

But he’s also admitting that they get to decide what to consider free speech. “We don’t consider that free speech” … he could have stopped the sentence right there because that’s what the whole sentence means. He means they decide.

THEN he said that Parler is merely “suspended” from the app store and that if they improve moderation they can come back. That lets him off the hook right?


How are they going to improve moderation, Tim? They don’t have an app anymore. They don’t have a web host, a data host, email services, text services, credit card processing, server space … they were driven off the internet.

That’s the game, you see? Each of them bans part of it based on the “incitement” excuse which they can claim is a violation of their own terms of service and … POOF. Enemy gone and nobody responsible.

It’s like a firing squad. Nobody knows which bullet is fatal.

Wallace listened obediently and nodded sagely and didn’t follow up predictably. Watch.

It’s a Purge. It’s real, it’s happening, Tim Cook is part of it, Fox is soft-pedaling it, CNN is cheering it.

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