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Liberal Educators Use Capitol Riots To Shame Children Into Believing They Owe Reparations

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Education is no longer about self-improvement or the bettering of a nation through knowledge and advancement. Education has been transformed into political theater. It’s the training ground for manipulating young minds, and none have been more pervasive in the weaponizing of schools than liberals.

A liberal education group is using last week’s Capitol riot to push reparations for black Americans.

The Zinn Education Project, a progressive network that develops teaching resources, sent an email to its 125,000 followers on Wednesday recommending a lesson plan in which students craft their own reparations legislation. The email says the activity will help students reflect on “what a path toward justice might look like” following the riots. It also compares the Capitol riots to the Civil War and claims that following the war, the United States cared more about “traitorous Confederates” than African Americans.

The lesson plan’s instructional materials suggest that reparations are the only way to rectify the violence committed against enslaved people.


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