WATCH: GA Election Scam Caught On Live TV — 32,400 Votes Mysteriously Disappear From David Perdue’s Total In Real Time

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Well, this one is hard to explain. A stunning video provided by Kanekoa, Goergia GOP Senate candidate David Perdue can be seen mysteriously losing 32,400 votes during a live ABC News broadcast. With only 40% of the expected vote results recorded Purdue’s lead slips fro 774,723 to 742,323 for a loss of 32,400 votes during another segment on a live ABC broadcast.

And we are left wondering, did we just watch an election scam occur in real time?

In yet another video of a live ABC News broadcast, GOP Senate candidate David Purdue’s vote total is at 2,130,535, but only seconds later, an updated vote total for David Purdue appears, but this time, it’s less 5,000 votes. Somehow, Purdue’s lead has evaporated, as his new vote total appears to be 2,125,535.


Here’s another viewer who recorded the same 5K loss in votes for Perdue from another angle:

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