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COMMITTED TO DEMOCRACY: Trump Meeting Discussed Powell For Special Counsel, DHS, And Deploying The Military

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On Friday, President Trump had a very important meeting at the White House. Sidney Powell was there, and so was Michael Flynn. Rudy Giuliani was on by phone. By mainstream media accounts it was “raucous.” But it’s the subject matter that matters.

It’s being shared across the spectrum, from Gateway Pundit to the New York Times and everywhere in between, with a lot of different reactions from trying to mock and belittle it to acting like its a precursor to Armageddon.

But what SHOULD be the biggest takeaway is how committed Trump is to fighting this thing thoroughly. The details came out first from NYT’s Trump-hating Maggie Haberman, and later confirmed by Trump-hating Daily Beast, both using unnamed sources. But I reckon it rings pretty true, if you take out the editorializing.

The key takeaways are that the president suggested appointing Powell as a Special Counsel to investigate voter fraud and election tampering in this country, which seems like a pretty dang good thing to look into with a special counsel probe, if you ask me.

Still, the mainstream media says that the idea was rejected by Rudy Giuliani himself.

There was this, too:

Flynn has already brought this up elsewhere.


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