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New Poll Is Huge Blow To Fake News Media — Majority Of Americans Believe Media Buried Hunter Laptop Story To Help Joe Biden

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A new poll has found that a majority of likely voters believes that the media intentionally covered up the Hunter Biden laptop scandal in order to help Joe Biden win.

Of course, it’s no wonder that people feel this way. Twitter suspended the account of the New York Post for reporting on the Hunter Biden scandal.

When the liberal media did talk about it, they called it Russian disinformation.

Newsmax has the details on the poll:

Rasmussen Poll: Majority Says Media Buried Laptop to Help Biden

More than half of likely voters believe news media outlets ignored a report in October that Hunter Biden’s laptop computer was found to have emails incriminating him and his father in illicit foreign business deals and potential influence peddling to help the elder Biden’s presidential campaign, a Rasmussen poll released Tuesday found.

Fifty-two percent believed the story was buried so as to not damage Joe Biden’s presidential aspirations, 32% say it was ignored because it was a “partisan hit job,” and 17% were not sure.

Fifty-six percent believe it is likely the elder Biden was consulted and perhaps profited from his son’s business dealings in Ukraine and China, including 43% who believe it is very likely. That outnumbers the people surveyed who believe the connection is unlikely 38%, and 22% who consider it very unlikely.

No one has forgotten what happened.

No one believes the media is fair in any way, even many of the leftists who support networks like CNN and MSNBC know they’re not on the level.

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