Jenna Ellis: President Trump Can Still WIN This Election, Here’s How…

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Jenna Ellis was on with Joe Pags yesterday and walked everyone through how Trump can still win this election:

Ellis suggested that the path for a Trump victory at this point lies with the state legislators recalling their electors and casting new ones. The electors have voted already on Monday of this week, but Ellis said those electors aren’t certified yet and the Constitution allows for state legislators to cast the appropriate selection of state delegates if they deem the vote from the state untrustworthy.

Ellis says this isn’t about overturning the election results, but about getting to the accurate votes that were cast.

“When you have a state like Pennsylvania where the result was irredeemably compromised, what the Constitution provides for is that the state legislatures then meet together and they determine how to cast the electoral delegate votes. And that is not a disenfranchisement of their constituents, they are the elected representatives of their constituents. That’s the process of the Constitution to protect against corruption, against foreign influence…”

So basically all of this is riding on the courage of Republican state legislatures in these contested states to recall their electors and cast new ones to send to Congress on January 6th for certification.

This is why those hearings that Rudy and Jenna were doing in front of state legislatures in the past few weeks were so important. It’s not just about future elections as I previously thought, but it can apparently still have a bearing on this election.

I must add though that just normal, everyday courage won’t be enough for a big task like this. It would take heroic courage for state Republicans do something this gargantuan, because suddenly every one of them would become massive targets for the Democrat media complex and for angry liberals on social media. Their worlds would be turned upside down, their families threatened, and massive protests would ensue if they recalled their electors and cast new ones that would vote for Trump. Regardless of it being the right thing to do, they would be accused of stealing an election from Joe Biden and honestly, I just don’t see it happening. But we’ll be here to cover it if it does.


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