Snoop Dog’s Uncle Criticized Antifa Violence – Antifa Torches His Business In Response!

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Was it your garden-variety arsonist or an antifa terrorist exacting political retribution that caused the fire at a Portland rib restaurant owned by rapper Snoop Dogg’s uncle?

Portland Police and arson investigators confirmed this week that a November fire at Portland’s Reo’s Ribs was definitely arson. They have identified a suspect, but don’t know the motive for setting the place on fire. No arrests have been made.

The person who is seen on video starting the fire appears to be a woman with a penchant for Norwegian ski sweaters.

We’ve got most of the who, what, where, when, and how figured out, according to investigators. The question is why someone set Reo’s Ribs on fire, three years after it was destroyed in an accidental fire.

Two days before Reo’s was set on fire, antifa and Black Lives Matter mobs marauded through Portland’s Hawthorne and Hollywood Districts and vandalized and destroyed the store fronts of dozens of businesses.


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