Ted Wheeler Talked Tough, Then Crumbled Like A Cheap Suit. New ANTIFA Autonomous Zone Is Prepared For War

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We brought you the story of how Antifa was trying to recreate an “autonomous zone” over an eviction battle in Portland.

People in a red house on Mississippi Ave have been fighting being evicted for two years. But at this point their house was foreclosed on and sold long ago, they’re just refusing to leave. In the meantime, Antifa members have been camping out with them and in a nearby lot for months trying to forestall the eviction. There have been all kinds of police incidents related to this in the past months with fights, gunfire, burglary, thefts, vandalism, and threats.

It finally came to a head this week when police went in to try to clear them out and let the new owners come in. But Antifa actually chased the police out spraying them with a fire extinguisher and throwing rocks at them, breaking the back window on a police vehicle. They then declared the “Red House Autonomous Zone” or RHAZ.

Local media came out yesterday to cover the news and they were attacked by Antifa people who didn’t want them shooting video of them, injuring one reporter’s hand.

Mayor Ted Wheeler made a big statement saying that the extremists needed to leave.

That made some people think that Wheeler was finally going to do something.

No such luck. It’s Ted Wheeler, folks. BTC = Born to Cave. He crumbled like a cheap suit.

So naturally guess what happened? They were emboldened when they beat the police and the reprovers off. Now they’ve expanded the autonomous zone over multiple blocks and several streets.


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