WATCH: Polling Expert Explains Biden Win So Statistically Implausible That Fraud Is Highly Likely

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A polling expert went to Fox News to explain why he believes the outcome of the Presidential Election is so statistically implausible, that it could only be explained by likely fraud.

Pollster Patrick Basham joined Mark Levin to explain his analysis of the 2020 election, and how a Biden win defied pretty much every standard metric.

He made a stunning case.

From FOX News:

Patrick Basham explains why Biden victory ‘not statistically impossible, but statistically implausible’

Basham, the founding director of the Democracy Institute, explained to host Mark Levin that there are “a dozen or more of these metrics … [that] have a 100% accuracy rate in terms of predicting the winner of the presidential election.”

Those metrics, according to Basham, include “party registration trends, how the candidates did in their respective presidential primaries, the number of individual donations, [and] how much enthusiasm each candidate generated in the opinion polls.”

“In 2016, they all indicated strongly that Donald Trump would win against most of the public polling,” Basham said. “That was again the case in 2020. So if we are to accept that Biden won against the trend of all these non-polling metrics, it not only means that one of these metrics was inaccurate … for the first time ever, it means that each one of these metrics was wrong for the first time and at the same time as all of the others.”…

“If you look at the results, you see how Donald Trump improved his national performance over 2016 by almost 20%,” he said. “No incumbent president has ever lost a reelection bid if he’s increased his votes [total]. Obama went down by three and a half million votes between 2008 and 2012, but still won comfortably.

Watch the video below:

Trump supporters have every right to suspect the outcome of the 2020 election as fraudulent. A Biden victory defies common sense and historic norms.

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