HEARTLESS ‘Woke’ Santa Makes Child Cry In Public Over A Nerf Gun

A woke, liberal Santa made a boy cry after he told the child he wouldn’t bring him a nerf gun for Christmas:

He (or she, not sure) asked the boy what he wanted for Christmas. The boy didn’t know at first, but then said he wanted a nerf gun.

That’s when this sad excuse for a Santa said “nope, no guns.” After the mom clarified that he was simply asking for a nerf gun, Santa replied “not even a nerf gun.”

Perhaps sensing the boy’s despair, Santa told him that if his dad wanted to get it for him, he could. But woke Santa wasn’t going to bring it. The boy ended up crying, having to be consoled by his mother.

I don’t know what state this was in, but I could imagine any number of liberal cities where some mall would hire a woke Santa that sounds like a woman who enjoys making kids cry over stupid nonsense like this. Because you know, nerf guns kill people more than any other toy gun out there.


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