Private Investigation By Non-Partisan Group Reveals Equipment In Michigan ‘Deliberately Set To Shift Votes From Trump To Biden’

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A non-partisan group of volunteers, has done a private investigation into tabulating equipment in Michigan state, their consensus is that of foul play.

In a recent development, an independent non-partisan group of volunteers in Michigan has conducted its own private investigation into the 2020 election results. 

Their overall consensus is one that should be alarming to just about every American. 

The group found that the tabulating machines appear to automatically “shift” a certain percentage of votes from Preisdent Trump to Biden. 

This is just one of many independent investigations, and private reports election fraud……

There is CLEAR and WIDESPREAD evidence all around us

Check it out: 

100 Percent Fed Up was not shy with the details: 

Over 150 Michigan citizens, including GOP poll challengers, and whistleblowers who worked as paid contractors for Dominion Voting Systems and the Wayne County Clerks office, have signed sworn affidavits attesting to voter fraud, voter irregularities, and harassment, bullying, and threats by election workers and Democrats at the TCF Center in Detroit, where hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots were processed.

Now, a non-partisan group of unpaid citizens and volunteer experts have compiled a very compelling analysis of the absentee ballots counted in Michigan that raises some huge red flags about the credibility of Michigan’s November election results.

Several nationally recognized statistical experts were asked to examine some 2020 Michigan voting records and to identify anything that they deemed to be statically significant anomalies — i.e., large deviations from the norm.

In the process, they basically worked separately from other team members, consulted with other experts, analyzed the data they were given from different perspectives, obtained some additional data on their own, etc. — all in a very limited time allotment.

The National Pulse also had this to say: 

The “non-partisan effort by unpaid citizens and volunteer experts” and PhDs comes to the conclusion that an “audited recount” ought to be carried out in Michigan counties that returned voting results that were statistically unlikely, if not impossible.

The report also raises concerns about Michigan election official’s conduct regarding mail-in balloting. Of the 3,507,129 ballots requested, the report flags hundreds of thousands of ballots with qualities, such as “duplicate ballot IDs,” “missing ballot address,” or “year of birth before 1921.”

The report explains in detail the various red flags, such as “288,783 [ballots] that have the application sent and ballot received on the same day.”

The data also includes the voter’s year of birth. One is 170 years old, likely an error but their application was not rejected. In total, more than 1400 of these absentee voters are over 100 years old. These could well be nursing home patients. There are 217,271 applications without a recorded date (i.e. never received back). More interesting is the 288,783 that have the application sent and ballot received on the same day.

There are non-partisan groups, statistical experts, whistleblowers, former Dominion employees all attesting to the same thing. 

There are SWORN Affidavits! 

There is no way President Trump can or should concede at this point. 

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