DAMNING VIDEO PROOF Shows Suitcases Filled With Ballots Emerged In Georgia Voter Fraud!

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Video footage has emerged showing suitcases filled with ballots being pulled out from underneath a covered table in Georgia after poll workers were told to leave the room.

In the first video, according to the person detailing what’s in the video, the lady with the blond braids tells everyone they are going to stop counting and to go home. It’s around 10:30 PM on November 3rd:

After the poll workers leave, that’s when all of these suitcases full of ballots are pulled from underneath a covered table:

The person narrating the videos said that the woman with the blond braids put that table there at 8am in the morning. And now that nearly everyone has left, out come the suitcases full of ballots from underneath that same table.

If this isn’t exactly what Trump has been talking about, then I don’t know what else it could be. I’m sure liberals out there will try to explain this away, but this appears to be proof of voter fraud. Why else would these suitcase full of ballots have been secretly put underneath this table in the first place?


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