Gov. Newsom Chuckles Then Warns He’s About To Unleash ‘DRASTIC’ New Restrictions

California Gov Gavin Newsom just warned that more drastic steps could be taken to contain the virus after the state reported another 15k+ new cases yesterday. The Golden State could be facing “much more dramatic, arguably drastic” measures to contain the spread of the virus. The state also broke its record for hospitalized patients yesterday: The state reported 7,415 coronavirus hospitalizations, with more than 1,700 of those patients in ICUs. The number of hospitalizations broke the state’s previous record of 7,170 in July.

Health officials are preparing for a wave of virus cases over the next two or three weeks that could be linked to Thanksgiving gatherings. Authorities had urged residents to stay home and limit their interactions with others, but millions nationwide defied the advice. California has had nearly 1.2 million confirmed cases since the pandemic began, with 19,121 virus-related deaths. The state reported 7,415 coronavirus hospitalizations on Sunday, citing the most recently available data from the previous day. More than 1,700 of those patients are in ICUs. The number of hospitalizations broke the state’s previous record of 7,170 in July.

Newsom added that the state has 11 “surge” hospitals that it will be activating,

A record number of the state’s 58 ocunties will be facing ‘purple’-level restrictions, which returns people to lockdown-like restrictions. The number of new COVID-19 cases reported in the US topped 200,000 for the first time Friday. Previously, the highest daily count was 196,000 on Nov. 20, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Since January, when the first infections were reported in the US, the nation’s total number of cases has surpassed 13 million. More than 265,000 people have died. – READ MORE

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