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Actor Ellen Page Says (S)he’s Now A Man And The Media Fight For Wokest Headline

Former actress Ellen Page is now to be known as actor Elliot Page. This announcement was made public on Tuesday after the newly born Elliot Page posted on the Twitter page formerly owned by the acress Ellen Page.

Media outlets quickly jumped to announce the birth of Elliot Page and certify their wokeness by fighting for the award of “Most Woke Headline”.

You got the name right, Radar, but not good enough! Use a more masculine photo! Also, isn’t Elliot just a white male? Ellen is a transgender, Elliot is just a male (we think)…

Ok, there we go NYT, you got a better photo! Bonus for working in the proper gender pronoun!

Way to go, NBC! You worked in TWO proper gender pronouns!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Two proper gender pronouns, a properly-masculine photo, no dead-naming AND you let everyone know he is married to a woman. Great job ET!

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