2020 Has Shown Americans Must Be Ever More Critical Of Government And Elitists

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Fear-mongering, lies, and deception have run boldly rampant in 2020. So much so that disinformation is flooding the internet, cable, and all modes of media.

It was a dangerous gambit and the American people got hood-winked. Liberal sheep have happily done as they have been told and the consequences have been dire.

If anything, 2020 – namely rigged elections and manufactured Covid scare – has shown that Americans must now inspect all things with a very critical eye. The only cure for our current afflictions brought on by Liberal Anti-Americans is to tighten our belts and resist the Democrats in charge. We must fight for common sense, Biblical morals, and protect the American Spirit.

Red State reports:

The fear-mongering Sacramento Bee ran a headline yesterday, “Record-high COVID-19 caseload at Sacramento hospitals as coronavirus surge worsens”.

Cue the post-Thanksgiving weekend hysteria.

“Sacramento hospitals reported a record-high number of COVID-19 patients on Saturday, the result of a resurgent pandemic this fall that is putting the health care system under unprecedented strain, particularly in intensive care units where beds, doctors and nurses are in short supply.

“In total, 284 capital region residents are being treated in Sacramento County hospitals for the coronavirus, topping the previous high of 281 in July. The patient numbers represent a dramatic increase from just 74 patients six weeks ago, and foreshadow more crowding to come.

“With people gathering indoors at Thanksgiving and other holiday events, a state analysis suggests coronavirus patient numbers in Sacramento County could nearly triple to 800 in the next month. Hospitalization increases usually follow infections by about two weeks.”

In other words, you paid no attention to us on Thanksgiving, so we want to frighten you into canceling Advent, Hannukah, and Christmas.

KTLA continues the Gulag theater, wagging its finger at all you people that just wanted to be normal and spend Thanksgiving with others:

“As coronavirus cases surge in California, county officials enacted stricter COVID-19 restrictions on Monday, a day after the state broke a record with more than 7,400 coronavirus hospitalizations.

“Health officials are preparing for a wave of virus cases over the next two or three weeks that could be linked to Thanksgiving gatherings. Authorities had urged residents to stay home and limit their interactions with others, but millions nationwide defied the advice.” [emphasis mine]


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