Ted Cruz TORCHES Iranian Sympathizer John Brennan!

News has raced across the world about a top Iranian scientist, responsible for Iran’s nuclear program, was assassinated in a shootout with unknown assailants:

‘Before it was disbanded…’ says the AP? Uh yeah, right.

The assumption is that Israel assassinated this scientist, but I don’t believe there’s any proof of this yet.

But Obama’s former hack CIA Chief John Brennan was very upset at the news, decrying it as a ‘criminal act’:

This is the same Brennan who referred to Jerusalem as Al-Quds back in 2010.

Ted Cruz hit back at Brennan, noting he always sides with the Iranian zealots who chant Death to America and against Israel:

Lowlife Brennan in turn accused Cruz of having a lawless attitude that makes him unworthy to be a Texas Senator:

You see, Brennan would rather support phony deals with Iran that helps enrich them while the world turns a blind eye to their ‘disbanded’ nuclear weapons program. We all know where his loyalties lie and Cruz is absolutely right to point it out.


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