BREAKING: Doctor Reveals How Google RIGGED Election By Manipulating MILLIONS Of Voters

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A doctor who testified before congress in 2019 that Google manipulated millions of votes for Hillary Clinton went to Tucker Carlson to reveal that the tech company, along with other Big Tech companies, rigged the 2020 election for Joe Biden.

Dr. Robert Epstein runs a watchdog group with hundreds of agents that help to monitor and collect data from Google and other social media.

Let me first note that in this tweet about Big Tech rigging the election, Big Tech says “this claim about election fraud is being disputed”. Ha!

One of the biggest things Epstein exposed on the show, which he believes is a smoking gun, was that his team found that Google was only showing a voting reminder on their homepage to liberals and not conservatives for a period of days. His team, which consisted of 733 field agents in the swing states of Arizona, North Carolina and Florida, was collecting data on Google and other social media companies before the election and when they found this, they went public with their data. He said almost immediately Google ceased their partisan vote reminder and began showing it to everyone for the four days leading up to the election.

Just as a reminder, Epstein is a Democrat who voted for Hillary in 2016 and doesn’t like Trump at all. And yet he’s been collecting data to expose how Big Tech is stealing elections because he is a strong believer in Democracy. Tonight he told Tucker that he was confident, based on his data, that Big Tech manipulated at least 6 million votes in this election.

Watch the video for much more…

google shifted at least 6 million votes..

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