Democrats Call For Biden To Forcibly ‘Deprogram’ 75 Million Trump Supporters

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Liberal social media since the election has been a true acid bath.

We’ve reported on how some on the left seem to think the election has given them license to advocate retribution against people who have supported or “enabled” Trump, even putting people on “lists” to harass, deny jobs or drum out of society. Included on those lists are judges appointed by Trump and people giving legal advice to his campaign. One of his lawyers, Linda Kerns, had to withdraw from his case, noting the threats against her.

But a Regional director for California Democrats/DNC member out of California, David Atkins, set tongues wagging after he tweeted about how to “deprogram” 75 million Trump supporters.

Oh, that’s not too crazy or anything, is it? Talk about fascistic, sounds a lot like he’s advocating “re-education” of those benighted Trump supporters. But this is a Democratic operative, not just a random crazy on Twitter who just won a DNC position.

According to him, it’s not about policy differences. He claims Trump supporters are a “conspiracy theory fueled belligerent death cult.”

Should we remind Atkins how Democrats have pushed conspiracy theories for the past four years? How they tried to undermine the duly-elected president? How they’ve pushed nonsensical Russia collusion stories and believed any anti-Trump story that came down the media pike? Talk about the cult of the “resistors.”

Here he is pushing a “conspiracy theory” himself thinking that 75 million brainwashed Americans are looking to kidnap governors and “shoot protesters.” Um, dude? That’s delusional and that’s cult-like that you think that? Not to mention that the people who wanted to kidnap the governor were anarchists who hated Trump too. It isn’t Trump supporters going around trying to “shoot protesters,” it’s literally radical leftists who have shot people including Trump supporters and radical leftists who’ve been rioting, attacking police and people, and burning cities for months.

Then he pushes this nonsensical claim that people are “literally giving themselves COVID just to own the libs.” Um, this this literal nutters-vile.


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