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WATCH: Joy Behar Calls For President Trump To Be Charged With “Crimes Against Humanity” In Insane Rant On ‘The View’

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ABC’s “The View” co-host Joy Behar says President Donald Trump and members of his administration should be charged with “crimes against humanity” because of its immigration policy and vowed to not “be a part of a country” that separates children from their parents.

During an off-the-wall segment on the show, the panel discussed last week’s final presidential debate between Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, where they sparred over immigration policy.

Trump attacked Biden for the Obama-Biden administration’s “catch-and-release” policy, in which illegal immigrants were allowed to walk free ahead of their court dates after being arrested for being in the country illegally.

“Parents… kids were ripped from their arms and they were separated… those kids are alone, nowhere to go,” Biden said of the policy at the debate.

When asked for her thoughts on the debate, Behar told a story about her time as a young mother when her 4-year-old daughter went missing for 20 minutes at the Bronx Zoo — a memory that she said still haunts her to this day.

“So last night, the thing that stood out for me was Joe Biden talking about those kids at the border,” Behar said. “I mean, is this the country we want? What kind of country do we want?”

“I, as an American, disavow all of it. I disavow this entire administration, Stephen Miller, Rod Rosenstein, Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump need to be brought up on charges for crimes against humanity… this is a crime against humanity,” Behar said. “I will not stay in a country, or be a part of a country that does something like that to children. It’s outrageous.”

During the debate, Trump replied to Biden’s comment about kids being separated from parents by pointing out that the infrastructure related to many of the controversies on the border in the past four years was carried over from the Obama-Biden administration.

“Who built the cages, Joe?” Trump said.

On “catch and release,” Biden disputed that most illegal immigrants did show up for their court dates. Trump said that they largely did not.

“Those with the lowest IQ, they might come back,” Trump added.

“You have 525 kids not knowing where in God’s name they’re going to be and lost their parents,” Biden replied, bringing up the family separation policy again.


Earlier in the “The View,” Sara Haines said the debate went “well” and credited both the mute button and the moderator for its success before trashing Trump.

“These new rules that were applied, but also Kristen Welker did an amazing job, having those mics muted helped actually being able to hear some substance, or at least… giving them enough rope to unanswer, dodge or do what they do,” Haines said, before listing the “annoying” parts of the debate.

“I can’t stand when Donald Trump talks about Joe Biden’s 47 years in service as a Senator, because a Senator cannot affect the change, he’s equivocating,” Haines said. “Also, he’ll say, ‘You spent eight years as a vice president,’ he keeps dodging the fact that he’s been in office for four years… and hasn’t done anything.”

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