MSM Spin MAGA Marches Descended Into Violent Chaos, Failed To Mention ANTIFA/BLM Were Throwing The Punches!

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Late Saturday, everyone in the world except for the mainstream media are following the story of Antifa terrorists unleashing violence across D.C. and other major cities.

It’s something they’ve been doing for months, and today they had more targets on the ground, thanks to the MAGA marches. But will the MSM cover it? They sure aren’t on social media.

Antifa videos are being shared around the world from D.C. and Los Angeles and elsewhere in the country, the hashtags have been trending all night, including the currently trending #AntifaTerrorists. The press is IN D.C., they have offices and studios there, and reporters who were AT THE march.

But do you think they’re going to cover THIS part? And if they do air it, do you think they’ll say ANYTHING true? They’ll repeatedly say “Proud Boys” and repeatedly refuse to say ANTIFA, except to mock the idea that there is such a things. They’ll misquote intelligence reports and the FBI to pretend there’s no such thing, even while we can SEE THEM WITH OUR OWN EYES.

Benny Johnson shared one of the most-talked about videos and says that neither CNN nor Fox News nor any “corporate media” will be showing the “footage of a politically motivated assassination attempt” by the BLM/Antifa terrorists.

He’s probably right. The Fat, Dumb, and Bald, Guy is busy tweeting about why the Trump marchers are beneath his contempt to worry about violence in the streets. They have no decency. CNN has no decency. Brian Stelter has no decency, no dignity, not a shred of common human understanding whatsoever.

We have more on the terror that Stelter will ignore in this post.


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