Maryland School District Blows Nearly $500,000 On ‘Anti-Racist Audit’

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Unbearable? Unfathomable? Ridiculous? We are at the same loss of words as you are. The headline alone for this article would be a laughable joke about the extremes Liberals can reach but in light of 2020, a far too common and expected event.

Just when we thought the battle for ‘transgender’ students and ridiculous arguments over bathroom rights was the pinnacle of Far-Left insanity, we find out that schools are willing to drop half of a cool million dollars on auditing racism. Excuse me, I didn’t know you could quantify and audit temperaments and ideology.

Maryland’s Montgomery County plans to spend more than $450,000 on an “anti-racist audit” intended to create “equitable outcomes for every student’s academic and social-emotional well-being.”

According to a Tuesday memo from the county’s superintendent of schools, Montgomery County Public Schools will award a one-year “anti-racist” consulting contract to the Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium for $454,680. The consulting firm will investigate the district’s culture, hiring practices, and pre-K-12 curriculum, which Montgomery County says should be tailored so that it “strengthens students’ sense of racial, ethnic, and tribal identities, helps students understand and resist systems of oppression, and empowers students to see themselves as change agents.”

Wow. Talk about overreach, oversight, and just plain crazy. That means tax payers have no choice but to see their dollars propel critical race theory in the public classroom!

The Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium’s website states that it promotes “equity in education to achieve social justice” and touts a handful of left-leaning education partnerships. Among those partners is the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Teaching Tolerance” arm, which pushes for students to learn about slavery beginning in kindergarten.

The school district awarded the lucrative contract despite anticipating a budget cut of up to $155 million. According to Bethesda Magazine, the district’s enrollment is down more than 2,000 students from the 2019 school year, which will decrease the required government funding to schools.

The one-year audit will be the largest such initiative reported to date. In nearby Loudoun County, Va., the district spent $422,500 over two years on equity training inspired by critical race theory, which claims racism is intrinsic to nearly every aspect of American life.

The silent majority can no longer remain idle. The actual soul and backbone of America; conservatives, patriots, blue collar, hard-working men and women of all shapes and colors must speak out and become the guardians that stop ridiculous indoctrination and the wasteful spending of tax dollars.

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