Disgusted USPS Worker Comes Forward, Exposes ILLEGAL Order To Back-Date Ballots In Pennsylvania!

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James O’Keefe has found another USPS whistleblower who explains how his postmaster told a supervisor to begin back-dating ballots to November 3rd that came in after election day, and this just happened TODAY:

Here’s more from Project Veritas:

Project Veritas released an interview with another U.S. Postal Service worker, where the worker described how his leadership here ordered all late ballots to be postmarked for Nov. 3, Election Day.

“All these ballots that were coming in–today, tomorrow, yesterday—are all supposed to be postmarked the third,” said the postal service employee, who works out of the USPS General Mail Facility here.

The Project Veritas Insider said the supervisors are collecting the ballots and making sure they are postmarked.

“They’re getting these ballots in and they’re getting, they’re taking them from us,” he said.

“We have to separate out the ballots and give them directly to the supervisors,” he said. “They’re postmarking and they’re at the office and taking them directly to the ballot box.”

The Erie-based postman told O’Keefe he heard about the scheme to back-postmark late ballots accidently.

“A lot of the stuff that’s going on behind the scenes, like what I’m talking about them doing at the PO [post office],” he said. “I don’t think–I wasn’t supposed to hear that–I was one of the last carriers in the building. I don’t even think he realized I was still there; you know what I’m saying? Backdating.”

He said he heard about the backdating, as he was preparing his mail for delivery, and he saw the Postmaster Rob Weisenbach with Darrell Locke, one of the supervisors.

“This morning, I was casing my route and I saw the postmaster pull one of our supervisors to the side,” he said. “He was pulling the supervisor, it was – and it was really close to where my case was—so, I was able to hear, listen in and I heard him say to the supervisor that they messed up yesterday.”

The Insider said he was curious about what was messed up.

“He told the supervisor they had postmarked one of the ballots for the fourth, instead of the third, because they were supposed to put them for third,” he said.

At the Erie site, the Project Veritas Insider there said other workers were upset about the postmarking scheme.

“I’ve actually talked to some of the others, because we’re not–there’s a mixture of Republicans– I’m a libertarian personally–but I’ve voted for Trump, and there’s some conservatives in our office,” he said. “We have some liberals in the office, but a lot of us are sitting there thinking: ‘Why are we still picking up ballots?’”

The mailman said the supervisors and postmasters are coordinating with other postal facilities during their daily conference calls with the district leadership, he said.

Now, two days after the election, the order to continue to pick up ballots still stands, he said.

“They still want us to pick up ballots tomorrow,” he said. “They told us that they had a specific meeting, a safety meeting, where one of the higher ups – Rob and Stephanie basically told us to make sure we pick up the ballots and give them directly to the supervisor.” Stephanie is Weisenbach’s assistant. “Today, Thursday, Nov. 5, we did pick up some ballots.”

The Insider said he saw ballots stacked on a supervisor’s desk.

“There were like four or five sitting on the supervisor’s desk, ready to be – go through whatever they were going to do,” he said.

“They do this after all the carriers leave, because they take care of all that stuff afterwards.”

This is incredible. It seems everywhere Democrats are in control they are using their power to try and swing this election for Biden, even in the freaking post office. Ugh.

But the funny thing is that, per Pennsylvania’s standing court ruling, the state can count ballots coming in anew all the way up to Friday. So why would they be back-dating them? Because they must believe that the Supreme Court is going to invalidate those ballots that come in after Tuesday and therefore they are trying to ensure the Supreme Court doesn’t reck their voter fraud.


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