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WATCH: Thousands Of BLM / Antifa Invade Residential Areas Of Portland On Election Night To Attack And Hold Residents Hostage

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Black Lives Matter and Antifa didn’t wait until the final results of the election before storming the streets, proving that they never planned to “stand down” should “their” candidate win.

Oregon became the first state to essentially legalize “low-level” drug crimes, they’ve successfully managed to ensure that police are unable to do their jobs, they’ve been allowed to run rampant in the street for six months.

And yet, they still created chaos.

A Black Lives Matter “protest” started again Tuesday night. Another march through neighborhoods took place, where chants could be heard of:

“Come out of your house and into the street!”


“No Justice no peace!”

Hundreds of people flooded residential areas. Cars and bikes blocked streets so people couldn’t leave and police couldn’t come in. They had armed security in the area making sure of it.

A man came out to observe the march from his porch and made the mistake of asking the rioters to not damage his home.

They harassed him, called him racist and a white supremacist.

He said:

“There’s my Biden/Harris sign!”

His implication was that he supported “their candidate” for presidency, so he deserved to escape their violent wrath.

A woman in the crowd responded to him by saying:

“No one cares about your white ass opinion!”

She then said:

“Who do you think you are telling black people how to [protest]? That’s white supremacy!”

As they flashed strobe lights in his face and cussed him out, another woman yelled:

“We are not violent!”

Then, the same woman said:

“Absolutely not! We will not be peaceful, because we haven’t got justice!”

A man was attacked who appeared to be recording their actions. A small mob approached the man and ripped the phone out of his hand and took off running.

The man started chasing the thief, and another man yelled to the victim:

“Walk away!”

A woman yelled to the victim:

“Don’t chase people!”

When she caught up to the suspect and the victim fighting over the phone, the woman said repeatedly:

“Give me the fucking phone!”

The victim told the mob that he would leave if they gave him his phone, but the video cut off before it was clear whether or not he got his phone back.

A terrorist on a bullhorn shouted directions to people for how to break business windows.

He said:

“Please do not bust out small business’ windows. But corporate, though, capitalists, I seriously don’t give a fuck…because fuck capitalism.”

The crowd cheered for him.

A huge crowd in SE Portland gathered to demand the abolishment of police. The group, some of whom were armed, chanted:

“Black power.”

In downtown outside of a Lebanese restaurant, Hoda’s, a woman on a bullhorn yelled to those inside who appeared to be there to make sure damage didn’t occur.

The woman said:

“Come out and march with us! Come show us black lives matter.”

When those inside indicated that they would not be coming out to join their riot, the woman said:

“Your family would be disappointed in it. That’s sad. Look at you! You’re looking at me like I’m an animal! It’s sad. Come on, you know me. My mom worked for you.

“You know my mom. You know who I am, ’cause you used to cut my mom’s check. It’s sad, it’s real sad. Look at you, walking away.”

Hundreds of protesters chanted in the streets:

“Whose got the power? We’ve got the power!”

A member of the Black Panthers also spoke during the night to the gatherers of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. 

In addition to the speech, where the speaker asked people to reach out to “black leaders,” people with raised fists and firearms chanted:

“Black power.”

The speaker encouraged the attendees to seek out Sekou Odingo, who is a former Black Panther who was imprisoned for his actions at that time.

He said:

“Find out where your black leaders is and tell them you out here for black lives.

“If you are black, you find your leaders. Don’t forget about them.”

During their march, they chanted:

“We want justice, for our brothers, for our sisters, we want glory.”

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