Beautiful Video Of Amish Horse And Buggy ‘Trump Train’ Takes The Internet By Storm On Election Day

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Videos of a long caravan of Amish horse and buggy carriages flying Trump flags has taken the Internet by storm on election day.

At least five buggies with both American and Trump flags were spotted trotting along a street, videotaped by a bystander inside a car.

The video of the buggy caravan was first posted on Monday evening, but continued to be shared on Tuesday morning of Election Day.

There was also another photo going viral on social media, although the location of this caravan remains unclear.

The carriages were reminiscent of the caravans of vehicles and boats flying Trump flags.

Journalist Ian Miles Cheong tweeted: “The Amish have their own Trump Train.”

The videos were retweeted and shared by a number of Trump supporters, including by former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell and President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr.

Republicans have heavily courted the conservative Amish constituency. Some Amish were seen standing behind Trump at a recent rally in Lilitz, Pennsylvania.

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