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Leaked Videos Show Federal Workers Discussing “Going Rogue” To Sabotage Country, Start “Coup” If Trump Wins

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A newly leaked video conference call featuring several government workers uncovers a plot by the Left to organize a revolutionary coup against the Trump administration should he win the election.

This is the Deep State at work.

And if you think ‘coup’ is an incendiary term, don’t blame us… they are the ones describing themselves with this term.

‘We all as ordinary people and as federal workers have power.’

The ‘resistance’ movement involves actual government employees looking for ways to grind this administration to a halt specifically if the vote is undecided or if Trump declares a victory.

These folks know the leverage they can hold in ‘sabotaging’ (their word, which we’ll come back to shortly) the government.

They give the game away while quoting President Truman, with some satisfaction as he said, ‘I thought I was the President, but when it comes to these bureaucrats, I can’t do a damn thing.’

This, they believe, is their right and duty.

If that weren’t bad enough, they shared a link to a declassified CIA 1944 sabotage how-to manual which shows all kinds of petty ways to sabotage an operation.

It includes everything from the big issues of willful damage, to the subtle acts of disobedience ranging from ‘insisting on doing everything through channels’, refer all matters to committees of not fewer than 5 people for consideration, bring up irrelevant issues as often as possible — all the way to doing everything possible to delay the delivery of orders, multiply the procedures and clearances involved in issuing instructions, paychecks and so on.

(Any of this sounding familiar yet?)

A specific example they gave includes extra cycles of cost-benefit analysis

The Deep State is alive and well, and explicitly working against the man elected by the public to represent them.

The bigger government is, the more mischief it is capable of doing.

And you can be sure, mischief IS on the agenda.

This video has some federal workers — who even give their names and departments — describing their plan to undercut Trump.

They specifically mention LEAKS and the secure, encrypted apps that journalists can be reached with.

They talk about acts of commission as well as acts of omission.

‘Organizing’ in the federal workplace.

They really don’t care what the voter has to say about it. Nor do they care that they owe the very existance of their Government jobs as an outgrowth of the very branch of government they are trying to usurp.

Are you tired of hearing that Republicans are a threat to the Constitution? So are we.

An honest reading of it would point to how the Democrats have been an ongoing threat in a variety of ways — ranging from being on the take with foreign governments, putting party and power ahead of country, and so on.

Maybe some of the lawyers on the call are familiar with this legislation?



SS2384 Seditious conspiracy – If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, putdown, or destroy by force the government of the US, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each by fined under this title not more than 20 years, or both.

They’re working with a group called ShutdownDC which is a movement that will allegedly “stop a coup” by forcing Trump out of office because he’s certain to lose on November 3.

They plan to shut down Washington D.C. and not allow members of Congress to return to work and pass laws after the election.

These people are so unhinged that they actually believe that the Trump administration tried to dismantle the U.S. Postal Service. 


Watch as they coordinate with these ShutdownDC nutters talking about “Revolution.”

They say that they’re preparing for a Civil War… but it actually looks like they’re laying the groundwork for it.

They believe that Trump is setting the stage for a ‘coup’ because the man that has refused to become the authoritarian that they have warned that he is for the past 4 years is suddenly going to turn into a carbon copy of Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan who has happily donned the hat of Dictator.

But, even if they’re wrong and Trump isn’t ‘literally Hitler,’ they’re going to have a massive gathering anyway and demand their leftist agenda is enacted along with COVID relief.

From the ShutdownDC website:

If Trump is trying to launch a coup, that’s no time for business as usual. We’ll meet them at the train station or the airports or if they drive into town we can meet them at their homes. And if Trump has already conceded, then we can pivot and use these actions to demand COVID-19 relief and other essential legislation!

These people are serious.

More documents and plans can be seen on

The left and the media gatekeepers think that this is all some tinfoil hat conspiracy theory… while they desperately hide the Hunter Biden laptop story.

We’ve seen hints of this kind of thing before.

Back in September, Michael Anton wrote an article in The American Mind about a possible coming coup and the conservatives — like Dan Bongino and Mark Levin — that were reporting on what the left was openly saying were being smeared in the media as ‘inciting violence’ when what they were doing is sounding the alarm about the plans of the left.

Anton’s article warned that military brass were ‘quietly indicating that the troops should not follow a presidential order’ and Bob Woodward’s book suggesting that former Secretary of Defense James Mattis had either ‘ignored or slow-rolled Trump’s ideas’ on military actions with regard to Syria and North Korea.

Also in Anton’s article is that the current Defense Secretary Mark Esper openly opposed using the Insurrection Act during the ongoing large-scale protests over the summer sparked by the death of George Floyd. That was the subject of the contentious New York Times op-ed written by Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) that precipitated the firing of the NYTimes Opinion Editor and an excuse about what opinions should be published by the once-great paper to their woke readership.

We’ve already reported on Hillary telling Joe not to concede under ‘any circumstances’ and the ‘war game’ scenario — funded by Soros and filled with NeverTrumpers — where John Podesta played Joe Biden and refused to concede the election ended with Oregon and California wanting to secede from the Union.

Trump Derangement Syndrome has broken the left. They’ve been openly talking about civil war since 2018.

In the last few months, there has been looting, rioting, and civil unrest — but it hasn’t been Trump-supporters causing the violence.

According to the media, it’s the right that is the problem.

I guess we’re going to find out in a few days, won’t we?

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