The Communist Left’s Attack On Republicans Has Begun

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Republican congressional candidate Sean Parnell on Sunday said his Pennsylvania home was vandalized with graffiti containing left-wing messages and a communist symbol.

Vandals spraypainted “ELECTIONS NO, REVOLUTION YES!” and a hammer and sickle on the combat veteran’s garage and driveway.

In a statement Sunday, Parnell condemned “socialism, violence, and destruction” and said Americans should express their disagreements with candidates by voting. “No matter who we support and oppose, we do it with our vote, and not through destruction of property and violence to our fellow Americans,” the Republican said.

Parnell, who is running to unseat Rep. Conor Lamb (D., Pa.) in Pennsylvania’s 17th Congressional District, tweeted an image of the vandalism. “My house was vandalized last night by cowards under the cover of darkness,” Parnell said.

Via FreeBeacon

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