HUGE: Step Aside 50 Cent, Lil Wayne Endorses And SUPPORTS President Trump!

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Rapper Lil Wayne just tweeted to the whole world that he’s endorsing President Trump:

I’m telling you, this takes courage from Wayne considering how rabid the left is against Trump. He’s following in the footsteps of 50 Cent, who later renounced Trump after endorsing him due to immense pressure from his ex Chelsea Handler.

Now you can bet Lil Wayne is going to be under pressure as well. But his support for Trump isn’t just about Joe Biden’s tax plan, like 50 Cent. He actually met with Trump and they discussed Trump’s ‘Platinum Plan’ for the black community, which Lil Wayne says will give the black community real ownership.

As you can imagine some of his followers on Twitter aren’t impressed, with many of them in disbelief and some even lobbing insults at him, such as ‘coon‘. It’s disgusting, but Lil Wayne is standing up to the black community, Hollywood, and liberal Democrats everywhere with just a handful of days left until the election. Again that takes courage and let’s hope he doesn’t go the way of 50 Cent. Because like 50 Cent, I’m sure he’ll have plenty of people telling him ‘he ain’t black’ if he doesn’t vote for Biden. Including Joe Biden.


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