If Republicans Take Back The House, Trump Can Make AND KEEP America Great

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Are you ready for the best stimulus package ever? Are you ready for America to be great again and for Democrats not to unravel every major success?

To hear the President of the United States tell it, you should hope to get there.

Because it’s coming. That is, if we can get the Anti-American stone-wallers out of the way with the right election results.

There has been plenty of noise about the war over a new coronavirus package, as Nancy Pelosi has remained loathe to lose footing.

As reported by RedState’s Mike Miller, Nancy guested on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday, during which she rejected a letter sent to both her and POTUS by three Democrat governors (including Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer) asking them to “put differences aside and agree to another, much-needed COVID-19 relief bill.”

Nancy flat-out said NO!

“That is not a lot of messages, although I respect each and every one of them.” Nancy comments. Not a lot of messages? Nancy is leaving the well-being of the American people up to how many fan letters she receives?!

Host Jake Tapper observed, “More than 23 million Americans are on unemployment benefits right now, as you know. One study shows the poverty rate is higher now than it’s been in the whole pandemic.”

Pelosi isn’t worried about that, unless Democrats are allowed more political control:

“The fact is, if we don’t agree to the science to crush the virus — if they did what is in our bill, that science dictates that we do — then…we can lower the incidence of the virus in certain areas, open schools, open businesses, and the rest. … No one wants [agreement] more than the House Democrats — we represent these people. … It’s, what, nine months later? And they still will have refused to honor science with the solutions.”

After a months-long stall, a package could’ve made it through last Wednesday.

But the Senate moved to block.

On the table: $1.8 billion.

Dems wanted more.

Per The Daily Caller, it was unanimous:

The $500 billion bill would have included a federal unemployment benefit, Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding and additional money for more coronavirus testing. If the bill was passed, money would have been directed to schools. Every Democrat voted against the stimulus bill, citing the need more a larger package.

But here’s the big news. President Donald Trump reassured Americans in need that the cavalry’s coming.

The GOP aims to repossess the lower chamber, compliments of the congresswoman:

“I think we are going to take back the House because of her.”

Her being Nasty Nancy. Let’s hope Trump is right!

With Republicans running Congress and the Presidency, America may finally stand a chance of righting the sinking ship and refreshing the soul of our great nation!

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