WATCH: Police Shoot Armed Thug In California — BLM Respond With Violent Protest, Assault Women And Drivers

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A police officer who was attacked and forced to shoot an armed subject in California over the weekend resulted in more violent protest from BLM.

The violent crowd took to the streets, attacking random cars. One angry protester punched a Hispanic woman trying to get past.

I do not care who you are or what happened to you or someone who has a similar skin tone as you do,  there is no good reason for a man to punch a woman in the face while she is trying to drive past your riot.  Watching these videos out of California is just surreal, how did Newsom let things get so far out of control?  I thought the whole state was in dystopian style lockdown?  Why is this behavior OK?  Hint: It’s not OK.

Breitbart reported:

‘An anti-police protester attacked a woman in her car while another man scratched her car with a key, according to a video posted on Twitter. In a second video, another vehicle is keyed as the driver attempts to pull away from the protesters in San Bernardino, California.

Protesters blocked traffic in San Bernardino and vandalized cars caught up in the roadway blockage. A video tweeted by journalist Drew Hernandez shows one of the protesters punching a woman in the face. A second man reaches out and keys the side of her car.’

Hernandez tweeted:

‘SAN BERNARDINO: A BLM protester punches a Hispanic woman in the face and another BLM protester keys her car after BLM protesters shut down an intersection (baseline/waterman)’

The video appears to show an innocent victim trying to flee the scene only to have their car keyed by ‘protestors.’  A Twitter user named ‘Richard’ posted the following video, in his description he rightfully labeled the offenders as ‘rioters’ instead of farthing the lie that they are ‘protesters,’ tweeting:

‘BLM rioters are standing in the street in San Bernadino, CA and keying people’s cars as they drive by. You know, to protest against “racism, or something.’

Breitbart went on to describe the video and events: ‘The sound of the key scratching the side of the car can be heard as the driver pulls away.

Protesters came out after news broke of a San Bernardino police officer shooting an armed black man. Police officials reacted quickly and released video of the shooting that clearly shows the man fighting with the police officer and then pulling a gun from his wasteband.

The officer shoots in self-defense as the man begins to turn with the gun visible in his hand toward the officer.’

Somehow (thanks to the media’s insatiable appetite for civil unrest) we have gotten to a point where anything and everything the police do is seen as a human rights violation.  While, at the same time, anything that one does under the banner of ‘BLM’ is now completely justified and righteous.  Whether it is punching hispanic women in the face, keying random cars, pointing weapons are cops … all good as long as you say you are ‘righting racism.’  It is not just absurd, it is down right dangerous.

The one and only Andy Ngo tweeted:

‘Angry BLM protesters gather in the street in San Bernardino, Cal. after a black man was shot dead last night by a cop. It was caught on video & shows him resisting arrest, fighting the cop & grabbing a pistol from his waistband. Video by @livesmattershow’

Thank God we do not live in California.  We pray that everyone stays safe and that cooler heads prevail.  This violence needs to be deescalated, not encouraged or glorified.  We are all Americans, it is high time we start acting like Americans.

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