Kamala Harris Likely Broke The Law Campaigning Outside Ohio Polling Location

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Kamala Harris was campaigning in Ohio on Saturday. There’s been a lot of buzz about her hot mic moment when she asked an assistant “Are we in Cleveland?” before addressing the crowd.

As amusing as that moment was, it was another moment during her campaign stop that should be getting all the buzz.

On Saturday night, Kamala Harris’s Twitter account posted video of the vice-presidential nominee outside of the Cuyahoga County election office in Cleveland, where voters were waiting in line to vote early. In the video you can clearly see she’s using a microphone to speak directly to voters.

“Thank you for voting and voting early. Your vote is your voice, your voice is your vote. There is so much at stake. Don’t let anyone ever take your power. The power of your voice is so important. You are going to make the difference,” she began. “You are going to make the decision about your future, about your family’s future. It is through the voice of your vote. And you have the power. The power is with the people, and you know that. That’s why you’re standing in this line today. and I just came to say thank you.”


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