Thousands Of Angry French Citizens Rally After Radical Islamist BEHEADS French History Teacher – NYT’s Disgusting Headline Makes The Terrorist The Victim

A history teacher in France was beheaded by a Muslim immigrant on Friday for having a class discussion about the Mohammad cartoons and the Charlie Hebdo massacre. You know, the mass killing of members of the free press by Muslims of immigrant families.

Samuel Paty was literally discussing the subject of free expression, and he used the Mohammad cartoon murders as part of that lesson. He showed students some of the caricatures, and for that he was beheaded in the street. The murderer, a Muslim immigrant of Chechen descent, shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he rushed police later, and was shot dead.

The heinous, grisly attack was declared an “Islamist terrorist attack” by French president Emmanuel Macron. “One of our compatriots was murdered today because he taught… the freedom of expression, the freedom to believe or not believe,” said Macron.

It is the top story at French newspapers and websites on Sunday. People are marching in the streets, professors and teachers are vowing not to be silenced. It is what you would call “a big deal.”

Here’s the front page of Le Monde from this morning. The headline says:

“I realized that you can die teaching”: tributes to Samuel Paty, the murdered teacher, all over France

Yet here’s what the New York Times shared.

Here’s an actual paragraph from that article that even I, even knowing what paper it is, still find hard to believe went to print:

Seizing on the symbolic nature of an attack against a high school teacher, and reprising anti-Islamist themes he has lately emphasized, Mr. Macron said the teacher had been “the victim of a terrorist, Islamist attack.”

SEIZING?! ANTI-ISLAMIST? Yeah of COURSE he’s anti-Islamist. That worldview includes BEHEADING TEACHERS IN THE STREET.

The rest of our press won’t deal with this well, either, if they deal with it at all. But the people of France aren’t taking it. They’re honoring Paty, in the streets and online.

Je Suis Samuel, say signs as they march. (I am Samuel.) With the hashtags #JeSuisSamuel #MonsieurPaty and #JeSuisProfesseur they share defiance against terror and tyranny and solidarity with their fallen countryman.


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