Crooked Ilhan Omar Caught Funneling Almost 70% Of Her Campaign Funds To Her Husband’s Firm

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New Filings have revealed that the incredibly corrupt Rep. Ihan Omar has funneled nearly 70% of her campaign’s expenditures into a consulting firm owned by her husband, bringing total payments to the firm to $2.7 million for the election cycle.

Campaign filings released Thursday show Omar’s campaign sent $1.1 million of the $1.6 million spent by the campaign to a political consulting firm owned by her husband, Tim Mynett. The expenditures makes up nearly 70% of the money spent by the campaign between July 23 and the end of September.

Omar’s campaign had previously paid $1.6 million to the group, bringing the total to $2.7 million.

The payments have funded advertisements, consulting, travel expenses, and production costs.

Omar has previously come under fire for her lack of transparency regarding her marriages and for her campaign’s alleged involvement in a ballot harvesting scheme.

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