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WATCH: Teen Being Bullied, Attacked And Spit On Shows Amazing Courage By Refusing To Give Up MAGA Hat — ‘I Was Raised Not To Hit Girls’

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UPDATE: The mother of the boy has stated that the girls have been expelled and possibly face criminal charges. A GoFundMe was set up to support him and his family.

Video has emerged of a young Trump supporter being spit on, sucker punched,  and having his MAGA hat stolen, the video is heartbreaking.

In the video, a boy wearing an American flag-themed shirt had his “Make America Great Again” hat stolen by a female classmate. The girl refused to give back the boy’s MAGA hat.

“Look how f****** stupid you look,” the girl tells the boy, and then spits on him. “You f****** look like a clown!” She then points to the MAGA hat.

The boy attempts to take back his property. “Give me my f****** hat,” the boy demands. A struggle ensues, and while the boy is grappling to retrieve his hat, a second female student winds up and smacks the boy in the face.

“It’s my hat…it’s my hat,” the boy states.

The girl who stole the hat threatens, “Boy, I’m gonna knock you in your f****** mouth, let go of this f****** hat right f****** now! You wanna support Trump, I’m gonna knock you in the f****** teeth! I’ma knock you in the f****** teeth.”

The girl then spits at the boy. She then turns to the camera, and then spits on the boy again.

“How you like that? You my little b****, huh? You my little b****,” she says. “You my little b****, huh? Yeah, cuz it looks like it. My spit is on your face.”

The camera zooms in on the boy and his face is covered in spit.

The girl dares the boy to hit her, but he is above the violence. “I was f****** raised right, I don’t f****** hit a little girl.”

Of course, this isn’t a surprise given the hateful rhetoric coming from the Left.

This hate is trickling down and even young conservatives are being attacked for what they believe. I hope this video exposes the bully that did this, she should be arrested for spitting on someone during a pandemic. The young person in this video showed a lot of restraint and he should be commended for it.

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